Quilter Amplifiers


Inspired by the relentless miniaturization of consumer electronics, we have developed “switchmode technology” to replace bulky power transformers and lossy linear output sections with active power supplies and Class-D outputs. It’s now possible to offer world-wide AC power compatibility and incredible audio headroom in a smaller, coolerrunning package. Quilter combines this updated technology with special patented circuitry that delivers warmth and dynamics beyond even the best vintage amplifiers.

Digital processing has its place (we use a high end digital reverb chip for instance) but you can’t beat analog circuitry for instant response and full dynamic range. The Quilter preamp uses the latest ultra-low-noise opamps, active EQ circuits, and unique distortion processing to produce amazingly fl exible and musically satisfying tones, from clean to mean.

The speaker is a critical part of your tone equation. We spend countless hours obsessing over the best speakers from the best manufacturers. But great tone is only the beginning – it has to be reliable. All Quilter speakers are qualified to withstand the maximum power of the amplifier for hours on end. Cabinets are also vital, not only to shape the tone but to safely package the amp in a rugged, transportable enclosure that looks good in any setting.

Quilter amps are built to an exceptional level of quality. We believe it’s important to provide a range of tone, adjustability and reliability unlike any other amp makers out there, so that you consider a Quilter purchase as an investment in your career. Therefore we only choose the best parts from the best suppliers, mostly located within 30 miles of our shop.