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We are restructuring our business to focus on lessons and our entire inventory must go. Bundle pricing is available so the more you buy the more you save!

Martin DX; this composite sided acoustic is one of the lower priced martins. But price doesn’t matter for this martin because it still delivers the same classic martin look and sounds. It is well played and used as there are minor scratches near the pick guard.

Martin D-15: Ths martin has a spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, and a rosewood fretboard. This Lively sounding acoustic isn’t very heavy and has a rich sound that you could hear and play all night.

Martin DXM: The martin DXM is a composite back and sided acoustic with a solid top. It doesn’t way very much and is comfortable to play. It has a loud, full sound and is in excellent condition.

Eastman: this 12 string acoustic is a jumbo guitar, a little on the heavy side, it plays loud and clearly and is in overall good condition.

Gibson F25: This beautiful acoustic is from 1964, it has its original pickguard (one is slightly peeling). This acoustic is slightly smaller than the dreadnoughts and has an adjustable truss rod which many vintage guitars could not offer at the time.

Guild G37 77; This old dreadnought acoustic has a rosewood fretboard, mahogany neck, maple sides and back and a spruce top. Is slightly used but still in wonderful condition. Sounds as good as it looks!

36 Dobro model 27 sunburst; The Dobro model 27 is a resonator acoustic guitar with an open neck.

Gibson: This well worn acoustic still plays amazingly, as fits the gibson name. The edges of the body and neck have some deterioration and the top has a crack. Despite all this, it stays in tune, has a full rich sound, and is a comfortable play.

Gibson: This pretty acoustic is quite the guitar. From the pretty look with the cool fret inlays to the amazing sound, it definitely is a gibson. It has a nice, loud, smooth sound.

Martin: This martin acoustic is the quality you’d expect from the martin name. It has a wonderful sound, loud and full. And looks amazing. It is in good condition and stays well in tune. It is comfortable to play and honestly just makes you wanna play forever.

Univox: This acoustic guitar is quite pretty, you can tell it’s pickguard is gone but the imprint it left is honestly quite stylish and classic looking. It has a nice full sound and would be good for anyone as it is fairly priced,and sounds and looks amazing.

Cort(x2): This new acoustic hasn’t had an owner. It’s loud and clear with a good, full sound. It has stayed in tune as long as we’ve had it and it is a great guitar for an experienced player or someone who’s still fresh.

Excel: This bass guitar may be heavy, but sounds absolutely great. It stays in tune well and is in great condition. It is easy to play sitting or standing if you have a strap and are used to bass strings. It is also a good starter bass as it is fairly priced.

First act: This red electric guitar comes equipped with just a humbucker and a volume knob. It’s in pretty good condition, with just one paint chip on the side. It stays in tune great. It sounds good, not much variety on the guitar but sounds great with different effects like distortion or overdrive, or just clean.

Galveston: This 12 string is an electric hollow body. It has various sounds and isn’t too quite when played acoustic instead of playing with an amp. It sounds good clean with an amp, and sounds good with a bit of distortion. It also comes with a gig bag.

Kramer: A good electric guitar, this kramer has a floyd rose style bridge, two single pickups along with one humbucker. It has various sounds and is a smooth, comfortable play.

Aria: This limited edition hollow body has a classic acoustic sound and can be plugged into an amp. Despite having multiple owners, this guitar is In nearly perfect condition.

Ibanez artcore ASB140 semi hollow bass; The ibanez artcore is a semi hollow bass, it’s got one humbucker, a maple body, and a three piece(maple/mahogany) neck. It has a tobacco burst body and two “f” sound holes.

Seville: This pretty Les Paul was recently remade and is in amazing condition! It has a variety of sounds, and a very smooth playing. One of the tone knobs has a bit of crackling but everything else is nearly perfect.

Electra: A les paul style guitar, this electra delivers a rock sound and plays smoothly