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Acoustic and Electric Guitars

We have electric and acoustic guitars to satisfy all musical interests. Some of the brands we carry include NOS Fender, RainSong, Blueridge, Cort, Aria and Dillion.

In addition, we can order products from Weber, Kentucky and Loar Mandolins as well as Nechville and Deering Banjos. We also carry a variety of bass guitars and guitar accessories including, tuners, strings, picks, capos, cords and amplifiers.

The Cave takes consignments and typically has a selection of vintage guitars to choose from. We can perform simple repairs and work with a professional luthier that we use for more complicated issues. Vic also offers individual guitar and bass lessons.​

Martin DX; this composite sided acoustic is one of the lower priced martins. But price doesn’t matter for this martin because it still delivers the same classic martin look and sounds. It is well played and used as there are minor scratches near the pick guard.

Martin D-15: Ths martin has a spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, and a rosewood fretboard. This Lively sounding acoustic isn’t very heavy and has a rich sound that you could hear and play all night.

Martin DXM: The martin DXM is a composite back and sided acoustic with a solid top. It doesn’t way very much and is comfortable to play. It has a loud, full sound and is in excellent condition.

Eastman: this 12 string acoustic is a jumbo guitar, a little on the heavy side, it plays loud and clearly and is in overall good condition.

Gibson F25: This beautiful acoustic is from 1964, it has its original pickguard (one is slightly peeling). This acoustic is slightly smaller than the dreadnoughts and has an adjustable truss rod which many vintage guitars could not offer at the time.

Guild G37 77; This old dreadnought acoustic has a rosewood fretboard, mahogany neck, maple sides and back and a spruce top. Is slightly used but still in wonderful condition. Sounds as good as it looks!

36 Dobro model 27 sunburst; The Dobro model 27 is a resonator acoustic guitar with an open neck.