Guitars & Amplifiers

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Acoustic and Electric Guitars

We have electric and acoustic guitars to satisfy all musical interests. Some of the brands we carry include NOS Fender, RainSong, Blueridge, Cort, Aria and Dillion.

In addition, we can order products from Weber, Kentucky and Loar Mandolins as well as Nechville and Deering Banjos. We also carry a variety of bass guitars and guitar accessories including, tuners, strings, picks, capos, cords and amplifiers.

The Cave takes consignments and typically has a selection of vintage guitars to choose from. We can perform simple repairs and work with a professional luthier that we use for more complicated issues. Vic also offers individual guitar and bass lessons.​

Quilter Amplifiers

Inspired by the relentless miniaturization of consumer electronics, we have developed “switchmode technology”.

Quilter Amplifier
Guitar in for repair work

Guitar Repair

All wiring, pickup installs and minor repairs done on-site, major repairs are sent out to a qualified luthier.

Amplifier Repair

All amplifier repairs are sent off-site to a reputable specialist who has access to the appropriate schematics and diagnostic tools.

Guitar amplifier for repair