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Great News
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Vic’s Guitar Cave is having a flash sale for the next 30 days. 

You get four lessons for $25 a piece

Get them while they’re still available.


Flash Sale in Forest Grove, OR

You’ll get 30 minutes of instruction that you’re
going to take home with you and you are going to practice it.

Many people request longer lessons 1 hour or more but really they rely
more on the lesson than they do their own practicing. The 30 minute
lesson will be more beneficial to the student and the student will
become more proficient and confident.

Contact Vic today to schedule

(503) 522-3897



Vic offers expert instruction and personalized lessons on a variety of stringed instruments. Vic loves teaching everyone from beginners to advanced musicians and has successfully taught countless students since 1995.

Consignment Instruments

Vic’s typically has a good selection of vintage instruments on consignment. We can take your instrument in and sell it for you in our Forest Grove shop. Vic loves consignments and has the lowest fee for selling instruments in the area.

Learn to Read Music

Want to go beyond guitar tablature? Vic can teach you how to read musical notation and help you understand the timing as well as the notes.

About Vic

Vic has been teaching guitar, bass and a variety of stringed instruments since 1995. Vic continues to advance his professional teaching development by attending frequent music instruction courses and seminars. Vic has the knowledge and experience to help beginning students get up to speed on the fundamentals quickly so that they can move on and focus on the style of their choice: Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Country, Blue Grass, Ole Timey or beginning Jazz & Classical guitar.

Vic Robinson

Experience the thrill of learning to play an instrument

Vic offers lessons on guitar, bass, stringed instruments and vocals

Vic has taught every level of student and can help you reach your musical goals